Why there are no heatsinks on the motor drivers?

The used stepper driver chips using a special semiconductor technology with less switching and conduction losses (less than 100mOhm compared to 300mOhm and more of other commonly used parts).

I can’t see any mounting holes on the PCB.

The pictures show a preliminary version of the board. The final version will have some holes.

Is the T-Bone compatible to other processor boards than BeagleBone Black?

Until now, the board is only tested with the BeagleBone Black.

The “original” BeagleBone uses the same connectors, but has less processing power (720 MHz vs 1 GHz) and les memory. Great chance that it would work, but not tested yet.

Other boards with different connectors need some more effort. With fly-wires or an adapter board the UART interface of the T-Bone may be accessable.

Which parts are included with the different versions (Rare, Medium, Well Done)?

The Rare version includes only the PCB. All electronic components need to supplied from a different source.

The Medium version has all surface mounted (SMD) parts preassembled. Thru-hole (THT) parts are inclueded but need to be soldered.

The Well Done version is fully assembled.

All versions need a BeagleBone Black for operation.


Are there some mounting holes?

Yes! Six in total, four on the same positions like on the BegaleBone, two additional. See the board page for more details: http://www.tbone.cc/board/

Are there other board shapes available?

In the first step we would be happy to get enough support on Indiegogo to produce the first batch of boards with the existing shape.

As we will release the hardware design files, skilled hardware hackers will be able to design their own shape.

But we are also thinking about a “T-Bone Pro” with more standardized shape and other modifications. Therefore we would like to start a discussion about preferred features: http://www.tbone.cc/board/future-versions/

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  • Marc Peltier 27. März 2014 at 18:06

    Nice work !
    What about driving software ? Can be used with LinuxCNC, for example, without further development ? Or major 3Dprinter’s firmware (Repetier, Marlin, etc…) ?

    • Marcus Nowotny 28. März 2014 at 22:03


      The board comes with it’s own firmware since we are not using stepper drivers but motion controllers. The firmware will read GCODE – so it is integrate to al slicing programs. The GCODE will be kept compatible with the MARLIN firmware.

  • Baczo Zsolt 17. Juni 2014 at 20:22

    I would like to know if you have the T-Bone Well-Done or T-Bone Medium for sale? If yes, how can I order it.
    Baczo Zsolt.

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