And reas Joha nnsen
University of Applied Science Munich
Utility Man

Former life as electronic engineer. In transformation to become a powerpoint industrial engineer. The project is part of his master thesis about democratizing innovation. He is responsible for everything not covered by anybody else. And the philosophical foundation.

Lars Jaskulski
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Lars is in the final stage of his studies of Electrical Engineering and designs the tBone electronics. always interrupted by the great ideas of the marketing guy just like in real life. The hardware design is part of his bachelor thesis.

Marcus Nowotny
Interactive Matter

Computer Scientist. Developed web applications far too long. Now working on the boundary of software, hardware, Internet of Things and fun.  Cofounder of Hamburgs tinker drinkup ‘Palo Altona’. Founder of Interactive Matter. Adding software, agile methods and silly ideas to the project.

jonasJonas P. Proeger
PR Guy

Electrical Engineer and wannabe tinkerer. Transformation to powerpoint engineer successfully accomplished.
Hopes, that he will be able to order a controller board for his ShapeOko2.
Contributes weired ideas, tbonoid board-shapes and panel optimization for tBonoid shapes in completely unselfish test series on TRINAMICs Weber Grill.

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